Mindfulness Retreats (Experienced Meditators)

Suitable for Experienced Meditators & MBSR Course Graduates
(Wexford, Ireland)



Mindfulness Retreat Day for Experienced Meditators & MBSR Course Graduates.

This Retreat is designed as a day of practice for participants who are experienced at meditating and have been developing a daily meditation practice. It is also suitable for participants who have completed an 8 week MBSR course, with either myself or another qualified MBSR Instructor. The day is designed to help you nurture and deepen your mindfulness practice. It is an opportunity to drop into presence and practice in the company of others.

This day is NOT SUITABLE for Beginners.

Give yourself a Full day of Mindfulness in this One Day Retreat, dedicated to your well-being. Enjoy some peace and calm, as you practice the skills of Mindfulness. Slow Down, Take a Breath & Totally De-Stress. The day is facilitated by professional Mindfulness Stress Reduction Instructor Una Keeley, in the stunning environs of Donaghmore House & “Dreaming Creative Space Yoga Studio” (PRIVATE Yoga Studio), located beside the beach in Donaghmore, Gorey, Co. Wexford.

(*MBSR= Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course)

*Certificate of Completion: A Certificate of Completion is available on request, for any professionals who may be taking this retreat. The certificate includes CPD hours. (CPD Continued Professional Development hours)

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are interested in taking the MBSR 8 week course see information on the next course starting (MBSR COURSE)




WHEN:   Sunday 26th February (Cancelled Due to Unforeseen Circumstances)

Time: 10am  to 4.00pm (6 hours)

Venue : Dreaming Creative Space, Yoga Studio, Donaghmore, Gorey, Wexford (You will receive directions and Eircode when you book your place)

Fee:  €95

DEPOSIT: €95   (€95 secures a place – Fee is non refundable )

Equipment:  Yoga Mats will be supplied on the day. (See below for what to bring with you)

Number of Places: 12 participants Max (Adults)

Instructor: MBSR Mindfulness Instructor Una Keeley (For reviews from previous students, see Home page)


About The Day

Purpose: To Deepen your Mindfulness practice. To spend time practicing alongside others. To connect with a supportive community.  I will be incorporating into the day, some mindful communication exercises, so we can support each-other, as we practice together.  The rest of the day will be in silence. 

Guided Practices During the  Day: 

  • Body Scan
  • Sitting Meditations
  • Mindful Movement
  • Mindful Walking
  • Mindfulness of Sounds / Listening
  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Mindful Looking / Seeing
  • Mountain Meditation
  • Mindful Eating
  • Mindful Dialogue / Communication
  • Holding Silence
  • Being V Doing Exercises
  • Coming to Our Senses Exercises


Speaking: Sections of the day will be held in silence. There will be a brief period at the beginning of the day where we will be speaking. We will then move into silence and I will be guiding you through each of the meditations and practices.

VERY Important: As this is a day of personal retreat, all participants will be asked to turn their phones off completely. Please prepare your family, by letting them know you will be unreachable, except for emergencies. (Please give them my phone number 0879819821 to be used in the case of emergencies.)

What to Bring with You

Appropriate Clothing: Please wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your breathing. Skirts are not suitable. Please wear leggings, trousers or tracksuit bottoms, as we will be doing some mindful movement.

Walking Shoes & Towel: Please bring walking shoes & a towel, as we will be visiting the beach, and walking in the sea water & sand.

Light Lunch: Please bring a light lunch with you on the day. You are welcome to bring something to share with others, if you feel you would like to. There will be Tea, Coffee, Milk, and Cups available on the day. There will also be access to a small kitchen on the day, with a fridge & kettle, cutlery & plates.

Rug / Throw / Cushions/ Pillow: Please bring a Rug / Throw and any cushions/ pillow you may need, to make yourself comfortable while practicing the Body Scan

Extra Comfort: Please bring any cushions, meditation stools, fleeces etc that you would like to have with you on the day. 

Phones: You will be asked to switch your phone off for the duration of the retreat. Please inform family you will be unavailable to take texts or phone calls. Please give my phone number below, as a contact number (For use Only for Emergencies)


Any Questions: If you have any questions, Please ring me on (UNA-  0879819821)








👉If you are Interested in taking a mindfulness retreat suitable for beginners, then please click on the link below



Beginners Retreat / 25th February (Saturday)






*Certificate of Completion: A Certificate of Completion is available on request, for any professionals who may be taking this retreat. The certificate includes CPD hours. (CPD Continued Professional Development hours)



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