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Group Visits to Explore stunning Natural Landscapes and Gardens



Come visit the beautiful landscapes of County Wexford & County Wicklow with me & immerse yourself in some breathtaking beauty.

Step out of the hustle and bustle and enjoy some peace, calm and creativity, in stunning natural surroundings. These nature visits are an opportunity to give yourself time to explore the living landscape through the lens of Mindfulness & Creativity. 

As a professional artist and professional Mindfulness Instructor, I will be guiding you through a series of meditations and creative exercises, which are designed to bring you in deep communication with the living landscape.


If you have any queries contact Una on  (0879819821)

What to Expect  

Workshops is designed to help you to de-stress, by taking time out to nurture yourself in nature. They are an invitation to re-connect with  yourself, through a meditative exploration of nature. Chosen landscapes & gardens, will be explored through a series of guided meditations based on the 5 senses. These seated meditations will be interwoven with mindful walks and creative activities. After each guided meditation, participants will be invited to spend quiet time exploring the gardens/ landscapes, focusing on a particular sense. Participants will be given simple fun tasks to complete on their adventures. All materials will be supplied and participants will be encouraged to spend time responding to the gardens / landscapes through drawing, painting & creative writing.


No previous meditation or arts experience is necessary. Workshops suits beginners to both meditation & art. It also suits those that have an established practice in either art or meditation.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your breathing on the day, (tracksuit bottoms, leggings, sweat pants or light trousers would be suitable, as we will be doing some light mindful movement. (Skirts are not advisable.)
  • Please wear suitable clothing for outdoors, and bring something warm to wrap around you, as you will be sitting meditating for periods of time.
  • Workshops are for adults, and we will be spending time meditating, so please come without children or dogs 
  • Workshops will take place whether it is sunny of raining. 
  • All participants will be supplied with a tripod stool to use while meditating and sitting drawing / painting. (If you would prefer to use your own stool please bring one) 

If you have any questions before the day, please ring Una on 0879819821

Previous Participants on Mindful-Create workshops & courses include:

Meditators from all backgrounds, Primary / Secondary Teachers, Visual Artists, Musicians, Poets, Yoga Instructors, Business Owners, Architects, Designers, Chefs, Restaurant owners, Web Designers, Photographers, Art Therapists, Sound Therapists, Housewives /Househusbands, Parents, and Closet-Creatives from all walks of life.


WHEN:   Dates to be Confirmed (Date temporarily postponed due to Covid restrictions)



"It was wild and stormy outside, but inside Una created a warm and inviting atmosphere. The saying "Time flies when you're having fun" comes to mind. Una guided us through Mindfulness exercises, drawing, painting, walking, relaxing .... silent or chatting ....... delicious lunch. A gift of a day. Thank you Una.   Liz Moffatt (Yoga Instructor-Wexford)

Una Keeley is a professional MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor. She is the founder and owner of Mindful Create, Training Executives, Managers & Staff to De-Stress with Mindfulness Stress Reduction Skills. Una is a HSE approved Mindfulness Instructor, training HSE staff in mindfulness. (Irish Health Services Executive). She offers Courses & Workshops to the general public and the corporate sector.

Una has been practicing meditation for 25 years. Una is a trained MBSR Mindfulness Instructor with the Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches, IMA Germany. She Adheres to The Irish Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses. 

Una is also a professional Artist with a Masters in Art Education. She has designed educational programmes for arts organisations and institutions for over 25 years. Including 15 years with The Irish Museum of Modern Art. Her background includes a Masters in Art Education, an Honors Degree in ceramics, and a Diploma in illustration for children’s books. Una designs and offers courses which combine Mindfulness and Creativity.

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Practice Being in the Moment

“The morning mindfulness and art course was just amazing. It’s only when I started doing it, that I realised how much we all spend thinking about the negative or the future and worrying ourselves into a ball of anxiety, instead of learning to practice being in the moment and taking a breath for ourselves! It has really opened my eyes and I’ve met some lovely people on the course. Highly recommend it !!!”

Gayle Murphy (Music Teacher) Gorey


Hands On & Practical

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Una is an inspiring teacher and in each of the classes she created a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment in which I felt motivated and comfortable enough to allow myself to reconnect with my creative side, which had been a bit neglected! I have been practicing mindfulness for a number of years and was very familiar with the concepts and theories behind it but this course helped me to gain a much deeper understanding and appreciation for it as the concepts were taught in a hands on, visual and practical way. The tasks we were set were enlightening, motivational and fun and they have each left a lasting impression on me. The course helped me to find my creativity again, for which I am so very grateful. Everyone in the group was so lovely and a really relaxed atmosphere of encouragement and support developed over the 6 weeks. Each lesson was planned out so carefully and we all took so much from each session. I really looked forward to going each week.”

Jan Feeney (Yoga Instructor) Ferns



Take a Moment to Breathe

We can all afford to take a moment to breathe, try 30 seconds while watching this video

Our thoughts are like soap bubbles

Mindfulness Dissolves Thoughts — Attention Is What’s Left Over, with Jon Kabat-Zinn