Bodhi Health & Wellness Clinic Gorey, Wexford

Give yourself a morning of Mindfulness & Creativity in this 5 week  course dedicated to your well-being. Step out of the hustle and bustle and enjoy some peace, calm and creativity.




Mindfulness Through Art & Meditation

Date : 20th June- July 18th

Day: Wednesday Mornings (Starting 20th June)

Time: 10am  to 12am (2 hours )

Venue : Bodhi Health & Wellness Clinic, 14 Main street, Gorey, Wexford (2nd floor / above Roches Pharmacy)

Fee:  €195

Early Bird Fee: € 175  (Book Online before 6th June to avail of Early Bird Fee)

DEPOSIT: €85    (deposit of €85 secures a place – non refundable )

FEE INCLUDES:  5 x Workshops, Meditation Audios & Art Materials

Number of Places: 8 participants Max (Adults)

If you have any queries contact Una on  (0879819821)



What to Expect  

Mindfulness will be explored through meditation, creative activities and group discussion, all within a friendly supportive atmosphere. Participants will also be given simple fun tasks & interesting activities to try out at home during the week.

Creative exercises are used extensively in each workshop, both to illustrate and to deepen our understanding of Mindfulness. Participants use a wide variety of creative techniques and materials, in order to explore different aspects of mindfulness, creatively.  No previous meditation or arts experience is necessary. The course suits beginners to both meditation & art. It also suits those that have an established practice in either art or meditation.

Participants learn to:

  • Recognize states of mind that inhibit mindfulness & creativity
  • Develop those states of mind that enhance mindfulness & creativity

Participants also learn:

  • How to meditate
  • How to develop your own personal mindfulness practice
  • How to recognize stress building and develop ways of reducing it
  • How to reconnect with your innate creativity
  • How to nurture and champion your creativity mindfully
  • How to apply mindfulness and draw on your creativity when responding to challenges and stress
  • How to replace habitual reactions with creative responses
  • How to develop the mindful attribute of “Beginners Mind”

The focus is on full creative engagement, embodying each experience with all the senses. Our usual preoccupation with product, perfection and end results is suspended. This approach develops authentic expression and self-awareness.

Mid-week Tasks

Participants will be given simple tasks & exercises to carry out at home, in between workshops. These exercises are an important aspect of the course. They help participants integrate mindfulness and creativity into their daily lives, and build on the lessons and insights gained during the workshops.


Previous Participants on Mindful-Create courses include:

Meditators from all backgrounds, Primary / Secondary Teachers, Visual Artists, Musicians, Poets, Yoga Instructors, Business Owners, Architects, Designers, Chefs, Restaurant owners, Web Designers, Photographers, Art Therapists, Sound Therapists, Housewives /Househusbands, Parents, and Closet-Creatives from all walks of life.




Practice Being in the Moment

“The morning mindfulness and art course was just amazing. It’s only when I started doing it, that I realised how much we all spend thinking about the negative or the future and worrying ourselves into a ball of anxiety, instead of learning to practice being in the moment and taking a breath for ourselves! It has really opened my eyes and I’ve met some lovely people on the course. Highly recommend it !!!”

Gayle Murphy (Music Teacher) Gorey


Hands On & Practical

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Una is an inspiring teacher and in each of the classes she created a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment in which I felt motivated and comfortable enough to allow myself to reconnect with my creative side, which had been a bit neglected! I have been practicing mindfulness for a number of years and was very familiar with the concepts and theories behind it but this course helped me to gain a much deeper understanding and appreciation for it as the concepts were taught in a hands on, visual and practical way. The tasks we were set were enlightening, motivational and fun and they have each left a lasting impression on me. The course helped me to find my creativity again, for which I am so very grateful. Everyone in the group was so lovely and a really relaxed atmosphere of encouragement and support developed over the 6 weeks. Each lesson was planned out so carefully and we all took so much from each session. I really looked forward to going each week.”

Jan Feeney (Yoga Instructor) Ferns



Take a Moment to Breathe

We can all afford to take a moment to breathe, try 30 seconds while watching this video

Our thoughts are like soap bubbles

Mindfulness Dissolves Thoughts — Attention Is What’s Left Over, with Jon Kabat-Zinn