National Concert Hall Commissions Una Keeley to create

New Mindfulness & Music Listening Track




What Is “Take Notice”?

“Take Notice” is a new meditative listening experience. An experiment in music & mindfulness. A new 20 min listening track commissioned by the National Concert Hall of Ireland (NCA).

“In Ireland and across the world, we are living through a phase of change. Of re-emergence. Of lifting our heads above the water for our first tentative breaths, as the waves of a pandemic relax their push and pull.  Where do we find ourselves now? And how might music and mindfulness help us navigate this time?” (NCH)

The winter of 2020 / 2021 the NCH approached myself and a musician with an idea: to work together and create a piece of music that explores the interplay of music and mindfulness, and how the two can work together as equal players to create an audio experience. The third equal player is you, the listener, bringing yourself to the track. 

Musician/composer Nick Roth and myself embraced the challenge, working collaboratively to create a new listening piece inspired by the idea of “taking notice”.

We hope you enjoy the following piece, which includes a performance of the final movement from 13 Changes (1986) by Pauline Oliveros.  We recommend using headphones and a calm space.



“We have created this “Take Notice” track, as an invitation, to consciously turn the attention towards the act of listening; awakening our innate capacity to hear and ‘take note’ of the soundscape around us. Our Attention is one of our most precious gifts. When we purposely turn our attention towards the act of listening, a myriad of sonic qualities can begin revealing themselves to us. Sounds which were previously unheard come into greater focus, available now to be relished and savored. This track is an intimate weaving together of music, sonic sounds and the voice. It guides the listener on a deep meditative listening experience. The ear, mind, heart & body are all invited to engage in the act of listening. Collaborating with Nick was an absolute pleasure. What has emerged from this collaboration is something quite unique. I am truly grateful to the NCH for commissioning this work. May this track encourage you to Pause, Relax & Trust as you take time out of your day to Listen Mindfully & Deeply”.

Una Keeley





*For the High Fidelity version of Track listen on SoudCloud




“In truth, music is neither sound nor silence, but the act of listening itself. The world that we are making today however, now threatens to stop listening to us. Projects such as this propose that music, a sensitivity to deep pattern in the world, offers us a hope of participating in an evolution that includes ourselves. When I first received the invitation from the NCH to create this piece, I immediately thought of Pauline Oliveros’ pioneering work in the field of Deep Listening and felt it apt that the listening experience should culminate with a performance of one of her scores. Flautist Claire Chase, for whom Pauline was an incredibly important mentor figure, recommended 13 Changes, and the final movement leapt out from the page: ‘Directionless motion— Unquiet stillness—A moment alone with millions of people—Calming the waters—The aura of a blackbird.’ Working with Una and the NCH on this project was an absolute joy throughout, and I very much hope that this short meditation offers you a brief moment of calm, and a glimpse into the inner riches that are always waiting for us to take the time to notice them.”

Nick Roth





*For the High Fidelity version of Track listen on SoudCloud




Una Keeley – Mindfulness Wexford.

Una is a registered member of the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland, the professional body representing qualified teachers of Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Ireland.

Nick Roth – Musician/Composer.

For more information on Pauline Oliveros and her work in Deep Listening ®, please visit and






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