Mindful Walking

With HSE Approved Mindfulness Instructor Una Keeley

Step into a calmer state of mind

Allow yourself this experience as often as you can. Practice it from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. Whatever is right for you. Try it in work and at home. Walking to your car, walking to the photocopier, to the kitchen for a cuppa, to the bathroom, to the meeting room and to your bed at night.

Stage One

Reduce your speed slightly from your usual pace. Bring your awareness to the physical movement of your body. Feel your feet touching the floor. Notice the sensations in the heel of your foot, the ball of your foot and the toes of your feet. Focus on the feeling of walking. Notice your breathing and bring a kind, soft attention to it. Sense the movement of your body, rather than thinking about it.  If your mind wanders, then gently return your focus to the sensation of making each step. One step at a time. If you like you can gradually reduce the pace more and more, to whatever feels comfortable for you.

Stage Two

Allow your awareness to begin noticing your surroundings. As best you can, let go of the storylines attached to what you notice, and allow yourself to just be curious about the qualities of what you are noticing, moment by moment.

Allow yourself to notice the sounds around you. Notice their qualities, distant, near, loud, soft, etc.

Allow yourself to notice the smells around you. Sweet, subtle, fruity, musky, fresh etc.

Allow yourself to notice the shapes and colours and textures around you. ………….and ….ENJOY EVERY MOMENT …!!!


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Mindful Walking, Step into a Calmer State of Mind