To help you sustain and develop your Mindfulness Practice

With MBSR Mindfulness Instructor Una Keeley.

Many people who complete the MBSR course, express a desire to access continued support, as they develop their mindfulness practice. This new 2020 Mindfulness Support Programme has been designed to address this need. Participants will meet once a month to practice together, under the guidance of MBSR mindfulness instructor Una Keeley.

You will be gently guided through a program which explores the practice of mindfulness and its application and integration into your everyday life (domestic & work). You will also be given support structures to help you sustain your practice during each month. This will include a practice log book, guided meditation audios, monthly planner & support materials.

The Full year Support Programme mirrors the journey of the MBSR Programme, with 8 evening sessions and one full day silent retreat. (See dates Below).

Places are limited, so it is advised that you book as early as possible.



When: Monthly Evening Sessions ( 1 evening per month / the last Wednesday of each month)

Time: 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Where: Amber Springs Hotel, Gorey, Wexford


  • January 29th (Wednesday Evening 7pm – 9.30pm)
  • February 26th (Wednesday Evening 7pm – 9.30pm)
  • March 25th (Wednesday Evening 7pm – 9.30pm)
  • April 29th (Wednesday Evening 7pm – 9.30pm)
  • May 27th (Wednesday Evening 7pm – 9.30pm)
  • June 24th (Wednesday Evening 7pm – 9.30pm)
  • September 27th (Sunday Full Day 10am – 4.30pm) (Silent retreat)
  • October 28th (Wednesday Evening 7pm – 9.30pm)
  • November 25th  (Wednesday Evening 7pm – 9.30pm)

Programme Fee : €350

Early Bird: €299 (Book Before 30th Oct)

Deposit: €150 (Non-Refundable)




“I would highly recommend the 8 week MBSR course with Una Keeley. The simple strategies help to train the mind to focus and concentrate by bringing oneself back to the present moment resulting in a calm response to situations as opposed to an habitual reaction.  Una gently and kindly encouraged us to make mindfulness a daily habit.  The gradual build up of practice which involved mindful movement and body awareness has equipped me with tools to reduce stress and anxiety and increase concentration , awareness and mental clarity by being more present. This moment-to-moment awareness and daily practice has helped me to observe my thoughts and feelings in a non judgmental way. The practice of self compassion and compassion for others has enhanced my capacity for overall well-being.”

Sandy Power (Secondary School Teacher)



Una is a great coach and teacher in mindfulness. I completed the 8 week MBSR course with Una and it was challenging to let go of old patterns…. But to simply be – moment by moment is life affirming. I strongly urge people to do this course if you need to create some space for yourself in this world. Thanks Una for a fantastic 8 weeks!!!

Derek Murphy (Social Care Service Manager) Enniscorthy


I thoroughly recommend the MBSR course and in particular, I would recommend the course with Una. She is a wonderfully experienced and intuitive facilitator and embodies the attributes that mindfulness espouses. The course is so well put together, and brings participants from the theory of why and how, to developing a daily practice.

Claire O Donnell (Primary School Teacher) Gorey, Wexford



The MBSR course I have just completed with Una was wonderful. I attended in the hope that I would learn to manage stress a little better than I had. I am now doing this successfully and more. This course has had such a knock on effect in all areas of my life from over eating to other unhealthy coping strategies I was using to manage stress. I have implemented the meditation practice into my everyday life and will continue to do so. I highly recommend this course to everyone not just those struggling to deal with stress but anyone who wishes to live a more present, content life.

Erin Murphy (SNA in Secondary School) Gorey, Wexford