One Day Weekend Mindfulness workshop in Collaboration with Gorey Adult Education GCS

Amber Springs Hotel, Gorey

One Day Workshop offering a unique combination of meditation, creative exercises and mindful body work.

Specially designed to offer a full day of mindfulness-practice combined with creativity.




MBSR Mindfulness Instructor Una Keeley

Una Keeley is an MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor. She is an approved Mindfulness Tutor with the HSE. Una is also a professional Irish artist with a Masters in Art Education.


Retreat Theme

PLAYFUL PRESENCE  (Learning how to Approach Mindfully & Respond Creatively)

One Day Mindfulness Retreat dedicated to your well-being. This day is specially designed to help you both deepen your mindfulness practice and integrate it into daily life.

What is Playful Presence?

When we practice mindfulness, we practice paying attention on purpose to what is happening moment by moment. Our awareness of all the details of our experience increases as we observe and sense non-judgmentally and with curiosity. ‘Playful Presence’  is a dynamic form of Presence. It is when we begin to creatively engage with what we find, as we are observing and sensing. By letting go of outcomes, staying open and curios and learning to approach with a ‘beginners mind’, we find opportunities to creatively engage, moment by moment by moment.

This one-day workshop offers an opportunity to explore our ability to be ‘Playfully Present’. Through gentle breath, body and creative exercises, you will learn how mindfulness can dissolve blocks to creativity, strengthen insight and intuition and reconnect us with our innate ability to be creative.

What to Expect:

Creative exercises will be used extensively throughout the day, both to illustrate and to deepen our understanding of Mindfulness. Participants will be given the opportunity to use a wide variety of creative techniques and materials. Group discussion, and personal inquiry will take place within a friendly supportive atmosphere.

Guided meditation sittings will be interwoven with facilitated exercises including.

  • Mindful Listening
  • Mindful Dialog
  • Mindful Drawing
  • Mindful Painting
  • Mindful Looking
  • Mindful Movement
  • Mindful Body Scan.

Previous participants on Mindfulness -Wexford courses include:

Meditators from all backgrounds, Primary / Secondary Teachers, Visual Artists, Musicians, Poets, Yoga Instructors, Business Owners, Architects, Designers, Chefs, Restaurant owners, Web Designers, Photographers, Art Therapists, Sound Therapists, Housewives /Househusbands, Parents, and Closet-Creatives from all walks of life.




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Participant Reviews of Past Retreats

Gorey School of Art One Day Retreat

I recently took part in the one-day Mindfulness & Creativity retreat at the Gorey School of Art, having previously completed the evening course.  It was an amazing day with a very open and creative group of people; I even got to meet one of the students of another of Una’s classes whom I had been connecting with ‘creatively’ in the course participants’ Facebook Group!  The relaxed environment Una creates really fosters an atmosphere of acceptance and play, which allowed us as a group to ‘let go’ and allow our creativity surface!  I thoroughly enjoyed the vast variety of exercises and approaches to exploring both mindfulness and creativity, from meditation and body scanning to mixed media creative exercises and mindful yoga.  Una provided us with various tools to anchor our awareness in the present, which we can use in our daily lives to continue the practice following on from the course.  Furthermore, I came away with new creative techniques that I’m already exploring and developing further since the course, not to mention lots of new creative buddies!  As ever, a massive thank you to Una, whose expertise and experience in this field are second to none.  The adventure continues!

Elizabeth Cuddy (Artist / Web Programmer)

Gorey School of Art One Day Retreat

Recently I participated in a one-day Mindful Create retreat. Una creates such a safe space for people to become present in themselves and feel relaxed to explore new territory creatively. Through her gentle guidance and focused intuition, her generous and stimulating materials, her imaginative and spontaneous activities the day’s events moved seamlessly and effortlessly. Una is a skillful facilitator who applies such effective resources to the practice of both disciplines. I came away with an understanding and better knowledge of what mindfulness is and gained clarity on how many blocks I stack in the way of my creativity. There was a real sense of non-judgement and support from Una and within the group and I think we all felt nurtured and minded to continue on our journey of awareness and expressing our unique selves. Thank you, Una and Mindful Create.

Sarah Malin (Artist & Care Worker)



And After your Retreat, why not take a 15 minute Drive out to Cahore for a mindful walk around the head and down onto the beautiful sandy beach of Old Bawn. Then stroll back and enjoy a drink in the Strand Bar overlooking the pier … It’s absolutely Gorgeous !!!