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New ONLINE official MBSR 8week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course for Adults ( Suitable for Both Professionals & Non-Professionals)... Expert Highly Experienced Instructor

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Mindfulness Training courses, designed to develop, presence of mind, self-compassion, creative response and the strong internal resilience needed to 'BE WITH' all the stresses of our daily work and home lives. Experience expert Mindfulness Training with Professional MBSR Instructor Una Keeley. Become a Peaceful, Perceptive, Playful Participant in life.


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Whether you’re a small, medium or large sized enterprise, whether your place of business is an office, shop or school, we will design a customized mindfulness workshop specifically for your circumstances. Taster Workshops are 60 – 90 mins, with the option of a follow up set of workshops for you and your staff.


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Books & Audios

              Mindfulness Educational Resources, Books, Videos, Poems, Audios & a comprehensive Who’s Who. All you need in one place to support your practice. Resources you May Find Interesting & Helpful. We will be updating this list of resources all the

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A new 20 min listening track commissioned by the National Concert Hall of Ireland. An experiment in music & mindfulness. With mindfulness Instructor Una Keeley & Musician Nick Roth. Click the image for more information.



Highest Professional Standard, Excellent Facilitator !!!

I have recently completed the Mindfulness-Based stress reduction course with Una. I would highly recommend this course for everyone in all walks of like. This MBSR course is delivered to the highest professional standard by an excellent facilitator. It has given me an insight and awareness of my sense of self and sense of being in the present moment. It has equipped me with strategies and tools that will stay with me forever in the challenges of life today and tomorrow. Thank you Una.

Carmel Smyth (Palliative Nurse ) Bunclody, Wexford

A Great Coach & Teacher

Una is a great coach and teacher in mindfulness. I completed the 8 week MBSR course with Una and it was challenging to let go of old patterns.... But to simply be - moment by moment is life affirming. I strongly urge people to do this course if you need to create some space for yourself in this world. Thanks Una for a fantastic 8 weeks!!!

Derek Murphy (Social Care Service Manager) Enniscorthy

Highly Recommend the MBSR Course !!!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 week MBSR reduction course. I found it gave a great introduction to using mindfulness in your everyday life. The course was really well structured and great resources were provided. I would highly recommend this course to anyone trying to be more present and mindful in their day to day lives."

Jennifer Allen (Secondary Teacher) Arklow

Very Important for Today’s Challenges

The MBSR Course on Mindfulness with Instructor Una Keeley, which I attended for 8 weeks recently, was completely new to me & I had no real knowledge or concept of what it entailed, but for stress related reasons I made a commitment to take part. I feel very fortunate to have met wonderful people, who seemed to be there for different reasons, All of whom, brought uniquely different helpful views to our meetings. Every meeting was challenging for the right reasons, with plenty to practice at home on a daily basis. Every Monday was so well planned, organised & executed in such a thoughtful, caring, professional & different way each night, that seemed to lend itself to each participant really benefiting. I for one, found this course enlightening, thought provoking & I would say, very important & most helpful for today’s challenges.

Paschal Whitmore (Jeweller) Gorey, Wexford

A Fantastic Instructor, Eternally Grateful !!!

In short, Una’s MBSR course has changed the meaning of my life indefinitely. Una has been a fantastic instructor and has allowed me to go on a deep internal exploration of my mind, my emotions, my senses, my body and my soul. I cannot recommend this course highly enough because it has opened up a new world of applying mindfulness to every possible moment and living in full awareness. Without mindfulness, we are not living at all. And now after this course ? I am fully alive and stronger than ever. Thank you Una for transforming my quality of life. I will be eternally grateful.

Olive Power ( Engineer ) Wexford

One hour a day just for me !!!

I never realised, until I did this Mindfulness course with Una Keeley, just how difficult it was for Me to get one hour in a day, just for Me. The course changed that. It's now a walk, a meditation and a book read every day. And at night if stressed, listening to Úna's calming soft voice on the Breathing audio. Thank you so much Úna

Jazz Stynes (Retired Tour Guide & Actress) Gorey, Wexford

Highly Recommend the MBSR Course !!!

I would highly recommend the 8 week MBSR course with Una Keeley. The simple strategies help to train the mind to focus and concentrate by bringing oneself back to the present moment resulting in a calm response to situations as opposed to an habitual reaction. Una gently and kindly encouraged us to make mindfulness a daily habit. The gradual build up of practice which involved mindful movement and body awareness has equipped me with tools to reduce stress and anxiety and increase concentration , awareness and mental clarity by being more present. This moment-to-moment awareness and daily practice has helped me to observe my thoughts and feelings in a non judgmental way. The practice of self compassion and compassion for others has enhanced my capacity for overall well-being.

Sandy Power (Secondary School Teacher) Carlow

A Wonderfully Experienced Facilitator

I thoroughly recommend the MBSR course and in particular, I would recommend the course with Una. She is a wonderfully experienced and intuitive facilitator and embodies the attributes that mindfulness espouses. The course is so well put together, and brings participants from the theory of why and how, to developing a daily practice. 

Claire O Donnell (Primary School Teacher) Gorey, Wexford

A Transformative Course !!!

I have meditated on and off all my adult life, but this course was transformative for me. It took meditation out of the still quiet spaces I used to retreat to from my daily life, and instead brought it into the very heart of what I do and how I am, every day. Una provided me with a skill set that prevents me having to either try avoid or become unwittingly immersed in stressful situations and instead allows me to let life happen around me while staying centred; I am now in control of my situations rather than being controlled by them.

Elizabeth Cuddy (Web Programmer) Gorey

Very Professional & Practical … I Learnt A lot !!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 week course I have just finished with Una. She is very professional and practical in her teaching. She helped me to really see things from the creative side and use meditation to keep that door open. I learned a lot from Una in just a short space of time. Highly recommend any of these Classes, I'm looking forward to doing more myself.

Paul Hynes ( Chef ) Wexford

Skilled and Compassionate Instructor !!!

Una’s course is transformative. No background in art or meditation is necessary. Una is proficient in both areas and a skilled and compassionate instructor. This course has altered my daily life. Meditation is now an active part of my daily life, not something I step away from my life to do occasionally. It is now a tool I utilise to get the best out of each situation that presents itself to me – which makes me more aware of what’s happening in my life and opens me up to unexpected opportunities every day.

Ann Murphy (Photographer) Gorey

Highly Recommend Silent Retreat Days !!!

“Silence is Golden” are the words that comes to my mind when I think back to my day long Silent Mindfulness Retreat with Una Keeley in September at the Amber Springs Hotel. Set at a really gentle pace, the day held no agenda, “doing” was on pause and simply being was celebrated through each mediation, poem read, meal shared, rest taken and movement made. All the ingredients needed to allow the mind and body to rest, giving permission to allow the inner voice to reflect and move through the ebb and flow of one’s emotions in a very dignified and respectful shared space. The learning in the here and now compounded and my own mindfulness practice was refreshed and brought to a deepened level, which I’ve been able to bring more often into my everyday life. I was really grateful that I got the opportunity to spend the day on this Silent Mindfulness Retreat. I would highly recommend the day to anyone who needs some “me time”, along with anyone who wants to deepen their practice at a very personal level. Thank you Una for a really super day."

Zoe Dixon (Social Care Worker & Art Therapist) Arklow

Just Amazing !!!

The morning mindfulness and art course was just amazing. It’s only when I started doing it, that I realised how much we all spend thinking about the negative or the future and worrying ourselves into a ball of anxiety, instead of learning to practice being in the moment and taking a breath for ourselves! It has really opened my eyes and I’ve met some lovely people on the course. Highly recommend it !!!

Gayle Murphy (Music Teacher) Gorey

It really had an Impact on me…!!!

I did the 6 week morning Mindfulness & Creativity course with Una and have to say, it's really had an impact on how I view my life and my thought processes. I am definitely more present in everything I do and more mindful and aware. Una is a fantastic teacher, very kind, gentle and patient, it's a really open class, very comfortable and informal. The ladies who were on my course were all lovely and every week you can talk openly about your weeks experience. It's a non-judgemental space and a very kind respectful atmosphere. You learn about the main principles of mindfulness and also create and paint towards the end of class combining what you've learned through mindfulness into whatever you are creating. It's very informative and a wonderful experience. After my last class there, I had a very strong desire to CREATE and was singing all the way home in my car!! I learned a lot about mindfulness and incorporate it into my daily life and others around me too!

Anne Marie Williams (Graphic Artist) Arklow

Enjoyed Every Moment !!!

Thoroughly enjoyed every moment of Una's Art & Meditation course. She gave us so many good resources and ideas. The discussions and art projects were very interesting every week. I would highly recommend this course.

Sinead Casey (Primary School Teacher) Gorey

Amazing Experience, Should Be Compulsory !!!

I have just completed a 3 week course with Una, a wonderful facilitator, and I am truly grateful for this amazing experience. I am incorporating mindfulness more in my daily routine now and also in my work as a Sound therapist. Find the confidence to navigate your life from within, trusting your inner knowing and connecting with your BREATH. This course should be compulsory for each and everyone! It was too short and I hope to join you again soon Una. Thank you to the wonderful group of people who shared their experiences and talents! Blessings in Light and Laughter.

Mary Graham (Sound Therapist) Gorey

Amazing Retreats …!!!

Recently I participated in a one-day Mindful Create retreat. Una creates such a safe space for people to become present in themselves and feel relaxed to explore new territory creatively. Through her gentle guidance and focused intuition, her generous and stimulating materials, her imaginative and spontaneous activities the day's events moved seamlessly and effortlessly. Una is a skillful facilitator who applies such effective resources to the practice of both disciplines. I came away with an understanding and better knowledge of what mindfulness is and gained clarity on how many blocks I stack in the way of my creativity.There was a real sense of non-judgement and support from Una and within the group and I think we all felt nurtured and minded to continue on our journey of awareness and expressing our unique selves. Thank you, Una and Mindful Create.

Sarah Malin (Artist & Care Worker) Dublin

So relaxing and enjoyable…!!!

Attended Una’s Mindfulness and creativity workshop today. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. Una creates such a safe space for you to feel free to explore your creative side, that for me are lying dormant, but found myself being able to locate that childlike creativeness. It felt so nurturing for me.. Thank you Una for a lovely day and to all the other participants, It was lovely to meet you all.

Bernie Slattery (Psychotherapist / Counsellor) Gorey

Enormous Help Dealing with Anxiety !!!

"I have just finished an 8wk course in Mindful Based Stress Reduction. (MBSR) with Una and seven other participants. This has been an enormous help to me dealing with Anxiety and low mood. Una is an inspiration facilitator and I would highly recommend this 8week course. What you practice and learn will stay with you and help you in your day to day life. Thanks, Una.."

Mitzie Murphy (Psychotherapist/ Counselor ) Gorey, Wexford

Highly Recommend !!!

Una has been working with us for the past 8 weeks (a group of HSE managers) I’ve loved each session with Una and it’s given me the opportunity to learn skills to help my overall wellbeing both in and outside of work. Highly recommend Una !

Theresa O Reilly (HSE Nurse Manager) Enniscorthy, Wexford

Definitely Recommend the Course !!!

"I recently participated on Una Keeley’s 8 weeks MBSR mindfulness course through work. I didn’t know when I started the course if I’d like it and I have to say I really enjoyed the experience. I thought I understood what mindfulness meant but this gave me an even deeper sense of it and how to transfer that knowledge to my client base. I really am very grateful for the experience and would definitely recommend the course to anyone out there who wants to know more about it and how to live it in your life!! A very worthwhile experiential course!!."

Zoe Dixon (Family Therapist ) Arklow

Blown Away by the Course Quality !!!

I was blown away by the quality of the course contents and the support each week from Una. As the time went by, I was taken deeper into practices of mindfulness, we committed to a daily practice and had lots of support and handouts. I was challenged and excited by the processes, yet willing to give them all a go. Una inspired me by her commitment to her own practice of mindfulness. This course has changes the way I live my life. It has allowed me to be fully present in my day, both in my work and in all other areas of my life and I now know what to do when my attention is pulled in all directions. I feel calmer, more grounded and balanced. I am aware that I am kinder to myself, I have more patience and am less judgmental. This course is a wonderful gift; it will help you in all areas of your life. It is one of the best courses I have undertaken, brilliant contents/ delivery and amazing value for money. I am so delighted I gave myself this time.

Breda Mc Donald, (Employment Facilitator/ Poet) Arklow

Highly Recommend This Course to Everyone !!!

The MBSR course I have just completed with Una was wonderful. I attended in the hope that I would learn to manage stress a little better than I had. I am now doing this successfully and more. This course has had such a knock on effect in all areas of my life from over eating to other unhealthy coping strategies I was using to manage stress. I have implemented the meditation practice into my everyday life and will continue to do so. I highly recommend this course to everyone not just those struggling to deal with stress but anyone who wishes to live a more present, content life.

Erin Murphy (SNA in Secondary School) Gorey, Wexford

A Fresh Start, Loved The Meditations !!!

Mindfulness was new to me but I'm so glad I tried it. Concepts and techniques gently awaken a healing within your mind. It feels like a reboot - restoring and reconnecting and a mind shift to deal with negative thoughts. A fresh start, loved the meditations.

Vivienne Forristal (Administrator) Gorey

Absolutely Invaluable !!!

I found the 8 week MBSR mindfulness & meditation course with Una a fantastic and essential course for anyone who needs time out from a life of chaos or who just need to slow down. With the pressures of daily life at the moment we don't look after ourselves at all and this course made me realise things about myself that I was doing automatically without thinking about them. I have learned to pause take stock of what I need from life. It's been invaluable to me in learning how to manage stressful moments and change old habits. I am forever in your debt Una. Thank you so much and I will continue to practice. X

Gillian Haslam (Beauty Therapist) Gorey, Wexford

I Recommend This Course to All !!!

I really enjoyed the 8 week MBSR course with Una. I had no prior experience of mindfulness, but I definitely learned a lot and I'm beginning to implement some of the techniques I learned in my everyday life, which I have found really helpful in reducing stress and helping me to be more productive. I would recommend this course to all !

Laura Farrell (Creche Owner) Wexford

Highly Recommend this course !!!

I totally enjoyed the MBSR course with Una and our small intimate group. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, who is looking for positive changes within themselves and their relationships. For me, I discovered I was projecting my pain onto my partner, and that I hadn't actually dealt with my past (which I genuinely thought I had). I learned I was being the victim, and through that I have learned to accept all my past experiences and become present to my emotions and thoughts, by becoming the observer of them, and by knowing I am not them. I love the body scan now ( I struggled with it for 4weeks) but now I am catching myself when I start judging myself. The concept is so simple, but not easy to allow whatever is there to be there without judgement. Feeling into the sensations in the body, with a child like sense of curiosity, is transformational and I am so grateful for this method. Last but not least, there's such ease in knowing with confidence, that our thoughts are part of our mindfulness meditation 'practice'; becoming aware of them and then bringing our attention back to the breath or body part is, well it just is ... Thank you Una

Michelle Cooper (Yoga Instructor) Gorey

It’s A Beautiful Process !!!

I would highly recommend this course to everyone, it’s so much more than creating art it’s about living creatively whatever you do or whoever you are, it’s a beautiful process, it rekindled my love of life of colour and of nature. What interested me most was realizing that creativity flows through every aspect of life it’s a way of living being open to and aware of the many different choices we have at any given time to respond to our environment instead of just reacting in our usual habitual ways.

Electra Kyriazis (Visual Artist) Gorey

Loved the Silent Retreat !!!

"Thank you Úna for everything. I loved the Silent Retreat. Even the Silent lunch break, when I got over the shock!! You never realise how tense your shoulders arms and face are, until a soothing voice tells you to Relax. Loved the roar of the sea and crash of the waves. The slow walk in the grass, and then to lie on the mat and chillax. I now make time for an afternoon read of a book and finish at night with a short mantra, "I am at peace and ready for whatever life throws at me"

Jazz Stynes (Historical Guide) Gorey

Highly Recommend !!!

I recently attended a Mindfulness Through Art and Meditation course with Una and enjoyed every minute. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and develop skills to just 'Be'. Skills you can take home and practice. Through meditation, creativity and just listening to Una brought new ways of seeing things.

Louise Redmond Gregan (Runner) Gorey

Highly Recommend for Teachers !!!

Just a couple of hours … to be in a lovely space with some great people from different backgrounds who simply want to learn to 'be'. This course … uses creativity as a vehicle to understanding mindfulness and how it can be put to good use in everyday circumstances. Can't recommend the course and Una's ability to teach/convey the concepts enough.... highly recommend it for teacher summer training/ development, but to be honest I recommend it to anyone who needs some time out.

Sally Timmons (Restaurant Owner) Gorey

I Feel Less Stressed now… than Before The MBSR Course..!!!

"I have just completed an 8 week MBSR course, in Mindfulness, with Una Keeley. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Una makes it so easy to do this course and is very supportive. I feel a better person now, and less stressed than i was before the course. Thanks a millon Una."

Kathleen Deering, Enniscorthy

Thoroughly Enjoyable !!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Una is an inspiring teacher and in each of the classes she created a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment in which I felt motivated and comfortable enough to allow myself to reconnect with my creative side, which had been a bit neglected! I have been practicing mindfulness for a number of years and was very familiar with the concepts and theories behind it but this course helped me to gain a much deeper understanding and appreciation for it as the concepts were taught in a hands on, visual and practical way. The tasks we were set were enlightening, motivational and fun and they have each left a lasting impression on me. The course helped me to find my creativity again, for which I am so very grateful. Everyone in the group was so lovely and a really relaxed atmosphere of encouragement and support developed over the 6 weeks. Each lesson was planned out so carefully and we all took so much from each session. I really looked forward to going each week. Thanks so much Una. I will most definitely be back again soon!

Jan Feeney (Yoga Teacher) Ferns

Fantastic I Learnt So Much !!!

Just finished a course with Mindfulness Instructor Una Keeley and it was fantastic. Una obviously practices what she preaches as you can feel that from her. Her attention to detail is lovely and I learnt so much. Hope to be back for more learning and art and practice. Una really listens and explains things really well. Can't say enough good things about this course. Delighted I got to do it and thanks Una

Mitzie Murphy (Psychotherapist) Gorey

It’s Had A Massive Positive Impact on my Life !!!

Over the past, nearly, 4 weeks I have meditated everyday. I have found I am much more alert, aware of my surroundings and my body. This would not have been possible without completing the Mindfulness through Art 3 week taster course. It was a wonderful experience sharing with everyone the creative things you do every week and especially listening to everybody's individual unique experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it really has had a massive positive impact on my life. Thank you Una, your course has really helped me and I would highly recommend it.

Aoife O Callaghan (Radiologist / Artist) Gorey

Highly Recommend the Silent Retreats !!!

"I attended the Mindfulness Meditation Silent Retreat on a Sunday in Sept. I had previously attended Una's fantastic MBSR 8 week course in Mindfulness last year and now I attend the once a month Mindfulness Support Programme. I was a bit anxious about attending the retreat, as I had never attended one before (I had missed the one which was part of the MBSR course). This retreat was so relaxing and enjoyable that I will be keeping my eye out for the next one. We did lots of different types of meditations as well as some relaxing yoga exercises and listened to some lovely poetry which was quite fitting and related to everything we have covered in all the classes. I think Una is a wonderful person and has a very calming yet professional approach. I highly recommend Una. Through the use of meditation it has helped me make some very strong decisions in my life and also guided me in a completely different life direction. I now follow my true path in life and only do what I truly want to do. Thank you so much Una, you are an inspiration!"

Elayne Byrne (Personal Life Coach) Gorey

My Creativity was so Heightened!!!

I did the evening course at Gorey school of Art. I showed up with no expectations other than to give myself the gift of time out and do something that would bring up my joy. I guess I was worried about the "Art" bit having only ever done a wee bit of colouring.... Una was great, she made us feel relaxed and at ease from the beginning, encouraging us to be non-judgmental and gentle with ourselves, this created a lovely atmosphere for all of us and I looked forward to going every week. I enjoyed all the evidence based hand outs on mindfulness and the practice and homework to keep us focused. For me I was blown away by the inspiration I received to write. I enjoy writing poetry and dip in and out of it when inspired, however my creativity was so heightened during the 3 weeks I wrote 8 poems. Delighted with that and so grateful. Una creates a welcoming space for everyone to just arrive and be present, she was just as excited for us as we were for the work we produced, she is an inspiration and a wonderful tutor. I have continued to dabble away with drawings and feel less fear around just giving something a go...I would highly recommend this course, Its a lovey nourishing gift to yourself and it will bring your inner child back to life again... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you X ... Can't wait for follow up...!!!

Breda Mc Donald (Poet) Arklow

Calming to the Mind…!!!

My experience of Una’s Silent Mindfulness Retreat, was a magical treat for my soul, which covered so many forms of practices on the day … From anchoring the mind, to breath-work and working with the senses, to mindful walking in a beautiful setting, and a trip to the fabulous local beach setting.  The reminder of the pillars of mindfulness were so impactful and calming to the mind. I highly recommend this retreat as a beautiful self care day, that I am so grateful for. Thank you Una

Olive Power (Insurance Manager) Rosslare

I feel relaxed, energized & recharged…!!!

I feel relaxed, energized & recharged after Una's one day mindfulness & creativity course. Having not done anything with mindfulness before, I didn't know what to expect but found the whole day just flowed with Una's simple guidance and non-intrusive manner. I really enjoyed learning how to meditate & the playful creativity exercises. No art experience necessary and it is completely non-judgmental!! Thank you for a really lovely day.

Sarah Donavan (French & Spanish Secondary School Teacher) Gorey

Thoroughly Enjoyed it…!!!

I was at the Mindfulness and Creativity retreat on Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.. It awakened once more my creative side and because I tend to live in my head a lot, I felt grounded and uplifted leaving.. Una comes from a place of gentleness and her passion for what she does shined through on the day.. I'd highly recommend her and this workshop .. Thank you Una.

Regina Redmond (Healer) Gorey